GPS Tracker Services

If you are running a private detective business or want to catch a cheating spouse with a GPS device, you might be wondering what are the best real time devices available for tracking? We 24 hrs investigation company have GPS Locators for both vehicles and personnel requirements with the compact and robust functionality.Our expert private detectives will install and remove GPS vehicle trackers discreetly, and will provide you the information in a clear report.

Which type of GPS we use?

The Global Positioning System helps to locate people, vehicles and other things. Our GPS locators allow you to keep an eye on your employees by tracking the route of company vehicles, tracking the cheating partner in matrimonial cases, tracking of stolen vehicle, to keep an eye on children etc. This amazing technology is must in today’s environment. We have high accuracy gps trackers that can track a target for long mile radius.

Our professional range of GPS locators is equipped with motion sensors that quickly detect changes in position and small in size which makes the gps to place on target easily. We also have special watches that has gps functionality.